Fairview Baptist Tabernacle
Friday, September 22, 2017
Staying Connected
February 14 – February 20
Scripture Passage: “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.”   Proverbs 23:7
Dear Friends,
     The heart of the problem is the problem of the heart. There is not one situation that gets a man in trouble that does not originate in the heart. Many times we do not think before we act, or evaluate the consequences of our words until it is too late. The condition of the heart determines our emotional actions and always plays a huge role in the way we respond to situations both good and bad. When we talk about our heart, as it pertains to emotions, we are always talking about how we think. If a man is focused upon his own marriage or dating relationship, he is not easily led astray by flirtatious conversation or provocative attire. He is strong because his thought process is under control. If a man is at peace with God, peace with others, and at peace with themselves, they do not easily lose their temper or react in an unkind or hateful manner. Their actions are controlled by a gentle, God-like spirit that exposes what their inner nature is truly like. If their thoughts are out of balance , then their hearts are bitter and vindictive and will simmer with vehement heat. Like a volcano waiting to erupt, it will only take the slightest inconvenience to trigger an explosion.  
     It has been my experience that people who are very passionate are also high strung with volatile temperments.  A person who is easy going and laid back is less emotional but is just as volatile when their threshold of patience has been crossed. They are extremely loyal in their commitments even though they rarely show public displays of affection. When this type of person feels betrayed, the heat of their fury is much more intense and lasts longer in duration. Often they are unable to move on with their lives because the hurt they have experienced has left irreparable damage. It is worthy to note that everyone has a temper. Some just exhibit theirs more than others. So what can we do to take control of our thoughts and master our emotions? 
     The answer that I submit for your consideration is so simple that it is often overlooked. Our responsibility as a Christian is to put every emotion, every thought, and every action under subjection to Christ’s authority. To be subject is to place ourselves under the authority or dominion of another. Subjection is always a relationship based upon a lesser person being the responsibility of someone greater. Paul uses the analogy of marriage and the church to emphasize this point. Christ humbled himself under the authority of the Father. The Father chose Christ to be the head of the church just as he chose the man to be the head of the family. Christ put himself under subjection to the Father and we men put ourselves under the subjection of Christ. If the marriage is based upon trust and love, then a woman will place herself under the authority of the man. Our children place themselves under subjection to the authority of the parents. In every instance there is a relationship between greater and lesser responsibility. It is not that one is greater and the other lesser in value, one has more responsibility and accountability because of position. I try to handle too many things myself. I can go from a mountain top experience to the dryness of the valley in a matter of moments. Many people I know can go from being happy to fighting mad in the time it takes to finish a sentence or cross an invisible line drawn in the sand. Some people do not know how to lead because they have never learned to be under subjection themselves. An employee can never be a good one until they learn to listen, follow instructions, and submit to the authority of others. A man cannot be a good husband and father until he learns to submit himself under the authority of Christ. When he learns to do that, he begins to fulfill the God-given responsibility he has for his wife and children by following the instructions given by Christ and His Word. As the wife begins to be under subjection to the husband, she accepts her responsibility as wife and mother, but finds satisfaction and fulfillment in knowing that her husband assumes responsibility for her comfort and well-being. Our children should always sense that we carry a great weight of responsibility for them and that our actions are based upon our subjection unto Christ. For each of us, our greatest peace and contentment comes when we realize our position in life and willingly put every part of our lives under the authority of our Boss. There is a great freedom that comes with realizing who is really in charge. Surrender yourself unconditionally today. 
In Christ,
Pastor Johnny