Fairview Baptist Tabernacle
Tuesday, September 19, 2017
Staying Connected
 Archived Pastor's Desk 2016.10.09

October 9 – October 15 


Scripture Passage:  “For which cause we faint not; but though our outward man perish, yet the inward man is renewed day by day.”    II Corinthians 4:16


Dear Friends,


     Growing old is not for sissies.  The “Golden Years” are not golden and the “Silver Years” are more like aluminum.  My mom and dad say their days revolve around doctor’s appointments and picking up the latest refill on prescription meds.  Dad reads the obituaries to see if his name is in there and mom answers the phone to monitor those unwanted calls and respond to all the family members calling to “check in.”  If you want to talk to dad, you have to go through mom first.  If you want to talk to mom, your number better be one she recognizes on the caller ID.  Mom and dad live a simple life that revolves around faith, family, and friends and their social calendar consist mostly of family activities.   Even these activities are subject to change based upon how they feel when they get up in the mornings. 


     The past two weeks have been extremely hard on me. The outward man went to the doctor to take care of some health issues and the inward man went to bed looking for that spiritual refreshing that only God can give.  The outward body needs a pain pill, the inward man needs a Rumpelstiltskin experience.  It is hard to explain. It is not that I want to do nothing.  To wake up and think I had nothing to do but sit around and watch daytime TV would drive me insane.  To eat at Hardees every morning, Fat Hats for lunch, and the Dinner Bell for supper everyday would be enough to put me in cardiac arrest.  (Literally)  I want to work.  I like to work.  I have a need to accomplish things and finish tasks.  Right now I am just having trouble keeping my ducks in a row.  When I do get them in a row, I look around and find the lead duck (me) sitting down and nodding off to sleep.  When the lead duck sleeps, so do all the other ducks. 


     The Apostle Paul was a man who knew what it was like to keep a busy schedule.  He knew the stress of being a pastor and the fatigue that came with long hours.  There was never a time that his mind was not on one of his churches and the problems they were facing.  His days were consumed with preaching/teaching, writing letters, confronting problems or traveling long distances under difficult circumstances.  There were two things Paul never lost in over thirty years of ministry: his love for Jesus and a grateful heart for what the Lord had done, and his love for people.  When everything else was crumbling around him, those were the two things that kept him going because it was the very foundation his ministry was built upon.  He found that when his outer strength failed, it was his inner strength that came to the rescue.  The outer strength is a physical issue, the inner strength is a spiritual one. Even though we must take care of both, I have found that if we take care of the spiritual, the physical naturally improves.  Surely this is what Paul meant in his address to the church at Corinth.  The physical body begins the process of dying at one’s birth, while the soul begins the process of living at one’s spiritual new birth.  The only cure that I think will help my situation right now is to be able to rest in Christ and allow him to renew and refresh me day by day.  I hope you will be able to do the same.


In Christ,


Pastor Johnny