Fairview Baptist Tabernacle
Tuesday, September 19, 2017
Staying Connected
 Archived Pastor's Desk 2016.12.04

December 4 – December 10 


Scripture Passage:  And when the dew that lay was gone up, behold, upon the face of the wilderness there lay a small round thing, as small as the hoar frost on the ground.  And when the children of Israel saw it, they said one to another, “It is manna:” for they did not know what it was.  And Moses said unto them, “This is the bread the Lord has given you to eat.”  Exodus 16:14-15


Dear Friends, 


     For those who read my article each week, you probably noticed that I did not post a new article last week.  I had a bit of “writer’s block.”  My creativity seemed to be suppressed by the many hours spent studying for the messages on Creation.  After having written an article a week for five years, there are times I cannot come up with something to write about.  As I started to work today, I began to think about all the nice things people do for Patty and me.  Some things are big like the trip to Israel coming up in February, but there are a ton of little things people do that are not known to the public that make an eternal difference each and every day.  Richard Carlson wrote a book entitled, “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff.”  I may write a book entitled, “Don’t Underestimate the Small Stuff.”  The small things people say and do are often the manna God sends to help me get through the day.  If a person is not careful these acts of kindness may become commonplace and the sacrifice people make can be viewed by the recipient as an entitlement.  I never want to reach a place where I do not take the time to say, “Thank you,” or receive the gift with a grateful heart.  Some are very good at writing notes to express their appreciation. I seem to have good intentions that get lost with all the other writing I do, but the fact remains, I NEVER forget the nice things you have done for me. 


     I think there is one person I neglect to tell how much I appreciate.   His gifts are so subtle they are often overlooked.  They are so numerous they often blend in with the background of everyday life.  They are so common that I often feel entitled to have them even though I have done nothing to earn them.  There is food on my table and shoes on my feet.  There is a warm place to sleep with the most beautiful woman in the world.  There is a nice house with all the latest amenities.  I have nice vehicles and tractors and many things that are a want instead of a need.  I have money to pay my bills and some left over to save, give, and use for pleasure. I have a healthy family, wonderful children and grandchildren, and my mom and dad are still alive to enjoy.  I have a wonderful church family and an awesome place to worship every Sunday.  I pretty much have it all.  Yes, there is manna all around.  I pick it up every day and often fail to recognize what it is.  Let any one of those things disappear, and I promise you I will recognize it in an instant. This manna is the Lord’s blessing from Heaven.  The greatest manna is the “Bread from Heaven.” Jesus Christ became the bread that sustains my soul almost forty-five years ago.  He saved me from Hell and promised me a home in Heaven.  He is my helper, friend, and guide and has never deserted me or left me to face life’s challenges alone.  He is there every morning when I rise, and every night when I retire. He watches over me while I sleep and directs me as I live.  He is always there, so He is so easy to overlook.  Take time today to think about the small stuff, and it will become noticeably evident there is “Manna” all around. 


In Christ,


Pastor Johnny