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Friday, September 22, 2017
Staying Connected
 Archived Pastor's Desk 2017.02.19

February 19 – February 25




Scripture Passage: “And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that brings forth his fruit in his season; his leaf also shall not wither; and whatsoever he does shall prosper.”   Psalms 1:3


Dear Friends,


     It sure is good to be home.  I know that you have enjoyed reading my family’s articles about life in a pastor’s home.  I enjoyed them immensely and was encouraged that the good far outweighed the bad.  Patty and I had a wonderful time in Israel and want to thank you again for providing us with the opportunity to go.  We spent eleven days with ministry leadership from churches across the U.S. and Canada and forged new friendships with fellow believers.  There is nothing like spending time with others who have the same common denominator – Jesus.  Dr. Dean Haun and Michael Hines took us deep in the Word and taught us on the bus and at every site we visited.  It reminded me of a crash course in college.  We were writing, recording, taking pictures and listening twelve hours a day, and then talking about everything around the supper table at night.  We would spend the day trying to comprehend and the night trying to digest what we had learned.  To be able to see all the Biblical sites and relate them to corresponding Scripture is a life changing event. 


     The Scripture for today comes from Psalms 1 and is a song of blessings on the godly.  In the land of Israel there are few trees that grow anywhere except along a water source.  The olive trees grow because they have such deep tap roots, but almost all other trees are more like bushes.  When dry weather hits these bushes begin to dry up and show no sign of life until the next rainy season.  The Israeli people are good at irrigating their crops and literally cause the desert to bloom.  You can tell the difference in the land occupied by Jewish settlements and those occupied by Palestinians by the amount of flora and fauna.  The Jewish settlements are green and thriving and the Palestinian settlements are brown, barren and filled with trash.   These settlements are side by side on the same land.  Everything I saw was a fulfilling of prophecy concerning the nation of Israel and there is a world-wide gathering of Jews back to their homeland.   God is blessing His chosen people and keeping a promise that was made to Abraham and the Patriarchs over 6,000 years ago. 


     That brings us to the adopted and grafted in branch of the Gentiles.   My source of strength is a spring of Living Water.  Just like the land of Israel, I find myself going through the rainy, green seasons and the hot, dry, deserted seasons of life.  I cannot control the seasons but I can make sure I stay rooted and grounded near the Well Spring of Life.  There are going to be times of blessings and there are going to be times of draught.  There will be times of fruit bearing, and there will be times of bareness.  The important thing is for the world to see signs of life (the leaf that does not wither) when everything around is dying.   The only thing that makes this possible is our relationship with Jesus, the Living Water.  When we have tapped in to the source of our strength, He will cause us to prosper when everything else is failing.  Stand tall.  Stand firm.  Spread your branches.  Soak in the Life Giving Water and bear fruit that the whole world will know Messiah lives through us.


In Christ,


Pastor Johnny