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Friday, September 22, 2017
Staying Connected
 Archived Pastor's Desk 2017.04.30

April 30 – May 6 


Scripture Passage:  “For every beast of the forest is mine, and the cattle upon a thousand hills.”  Psalms 50:10 


Dear Friends,


     After Patty and I returned from Israel, I purposed in my heart to re-read Isaiah and Psalms in my morning devotion times.  There are more prophecies concerning Messiah, examples of God’s covenant with Israel, and how it all relates to the church and modern Christianity than any other of the Old Testament books.  I have been amazed at how many of these Scriptures speak specifically to us today.  I just finished preaching revival services at a sister church in Calhoun.  Through the course of my ministry, I have preached at large churches, small churches, and churches of all sizes in between.  I have found that in every church, there are faithful, loving believers who serve and worship the Savior.  Sometimes we believe we have the monopoly on how to worship Christ, but I have found genuine worship comes from the heart and not a style. 


     What do you have that the Lord needs?  Does he need your church attendance so that He can be worshipped?  Does He need your talents and abilities (that He gave you!) to accomplish task for His glory?  Is the Bank of Heaven going to go broke if you do not tithe from your earnings and assets?  Does He enjoy a choir backed by a full orchestra more than the congregation who does not even have a piano player and yet sings songs of praise and worship uninhibited?  Is God impressed by the knowledge of Dr. Know-It-All more than Brother Job who faithfully serves the Lord and has dedicated his life to shepherding the flock by feeding them a simple diet of Spiritual truth?  Does a massive building with people and programs identify a place where the presence of God dwells?  Is there anything God desires more than a personal relationship with His children?  I think you know the answer to all of these questions.


     What does God possibly need that He does not already have?  Heaven is full of saints, angels, and created beings that worship him continually around the clock.  I guarantee you there are people more talented than you and I at His disposal and even nature itself serves Him and His purpose.  Have you listened to the beautiful music around you lately?  Scripture says that even the rocks and hills praise Him and the trees “clap their hands.”  He owns the cattle upon a thousand hills, so what makes us think God needs our finances to build His kingdom?  I have had humble pastors who have had minimal theological training that were more sound doctrinally that seminary graduates with PhD’s. There was a statement I heard many years ago that I have always remembered, “People do not care about how much you know as much as how much you care.”  God has taken many a person from varied backgrounds to confound the wisdom of the intellectuals.  The church and the evaluation of its effectiveness is seen in its spiritual maturity and the unified fellowship of its members.  A small building, with limited membership may still be a powerful influence on its community if it effectively ministers and witnesses as is evidenced by a New Testament Church.  A church that only thinks of itself and never reaches outside its four walls, is never a place where the spirit of Christ dwells – regardless of its size.  Finally, everything that I have mentioned to you is part of God’s way to spend quality time with you.  He desires more than anything for you to love Him and spend time with Him.  He knows that a thankful heart is a sign of a healthy heart and when we give back to Him we become a channel of blessings rather than a pond of selfishness.  We are never happier or more like Jesus than when we serve the Father and each other.  My heart’s desire is for us to reach our full potential for Christ.  To do that, we must tap into the source of our strength and identity and surrender to His will.  He owns it all anyway.


In Christ,


Pastor Johnny


Pastor Johnny