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Friday, September 22, 2017
Staying Connected
 Archived Pastor's Desk 2017.05.07

May 7 – May 13 


Scripture Passage:  “The third captain of the host for the third month was Benaiah the son of Jehoiada, a chief priest: and in his course were twenty and four thousand.  This is that Benaiah who was mighty among the thirty, and above the thirty.”    I Chronicles 27: 5-6 


Dear Friends,  

     Benaiah was one of the thirty mighty men of David.  He held a special distinction that none of the others had.  He was born to serve as a priest, but he became a soldier who served the king valiantly and was one of the commanders for the unit serving as David’s bodyguard.  We have examples of priest who became prophets, but Benaiah is the only example of a priest that became a soldier.  “Men of the Cloth” are often viewed as passive and weak, but this was one Man of God you did not want to mess with.  Benaiah was fiercely loyal to David and continued his service in support of Solomon.  When Joab tried to make Adonijah king instead of Solomon, it was Benaiah who was sent to execute Adonijah.  I don’t think he needed any help either.        (I Kings 2:25)


     Benaiah also had three distinct acts of bravery to his credit.  (I Chronicles 11: 22-25)  First he slew two lion-like men from Moab.  These fierce warriors had a reputation of being ferocious, but Benaiah slew them by himself.  I can just see him grabbing the two by the beard, banging their heads together knocking them out and cutting their heads off.  (It could have happened this way.)  Second he slew a lion, in a pit, on a snowy day.  F.W. Boreham said that Benaiah met the worst of enemies (a lion) in the worst of places (a pit) under the worst of conditions (on a snowy day) – and he won. Just think what he could have done under the best of conditions.  He was a dangerous weapon in the hands of Mighty God.  Finally, he slew an Egyptian seven and one half feet tall who was wielding a spear big enough to be a weaver’s beam.  Benaiah went against the Egyptian with nothing but a club.  He took the spear away from him and killed the “uncircumcised Egyptian” with his own spear.  This man was a member of King David’s Special Forces.  One minute he is in the sanctuary serving the people and worshipping God and the next he is on the battlefield mopping up the bad guys.  Man, this guy has become one of my spiritual heroes. 


     Verse 24 and 25 says he was honorable among the thirty and carried “the name.”  I believe he carried the name of being a man of great moral character.  He carried the name of being dependable and able to be relied upon in difficult circumstances.  He carried the name of being loyal and obedient to God and his king.  Finally he carried the name of being a great warrior.  There were others who were more fierce and had more accolades to their name, but Benaiah made his mark by being faithful and when circumstances called for it, he rose to the challenge and proved himself worthy of trust.  May we do the same. 



In Christ,
Pastor Johnny

Pastor Johnny