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Wednesday, December 13, 2017
Staying Connected
 Archived Pastor's Desk 2017.10.15

October 15 – October 21




Scripture Passage: “Where no oxen are, the crib is clean: but much increase is by the strength of the ox.”   Proverbs 14:4


Dear Friends,


     I like things tidy and neat in my life.  Clutter and disorganization are two parts of life that are the bane in my existence that I abhor.  I can see why people with my personality like small apartments with few furnishings.  The less you have, the less you have to take care of.  On the other hand, I like the right tool, the right tractor, the right implement to do a job correctly and obtain the best result. The paradox is that you cannot have it both ways.  If you spend all your time cleaning and straightening, you never get any work done.  If you only work, and never put anything back in its place, you end up spending unnecessary time looking for what you need instead of finishing a task in a timely manner.  I have spent hours on the farm looking for a tool, that without, I could not do anything.  If it had just been put back where it belonged, I could have gone straight to it and then been on my way. On the other hand, if I do not cut the grass because I do not want to get the mower dirty, then the mower has lost its purpose for existence. I can go in my garage and enjoy its tidiness or I can go in there and do something that will get it dirty and cause it to be cluttered.  The only way I can deal with this warped perspective is to make sure at the end of the day, I take a few minutes to clean up and put things back in place.  A John Deere tractor with no dirt on the tires, or a few scratches in the paint hasn’t done very much to earn a profit. 


     The same principal is true with a church.  We can attend a museum that everyone comes to admire, or we can have activities that leave messes to be cleaned up which produce a live and healthy church.  I have been a part of two major building projects.  When the projects were finished we were left with shiny buildings and fresh paint jobs.  Little by little marks began to appear on the walls and stains on the carpet.  Closets filled up and the rooms became cluttered.  The pristine look of a new building began to show the wear and tear of activity.  I have actually had people complain that children were messing up the building.  I am not talking about abuse.  I am not talking about neglect.  I am talking about the things that occur naturally in a house that is lived in.  The very things that cause us problems is also the strength of family that makes us who we are.  If no one came, we would have a pristine, shiny building with no purpose for existence.  If the building fills up with people, there will be challenges to overcome and constant maintenance and upkeep to administer.   My heart’s desire is for God to grow us as a church to the point that every inch of our buildings and grounds are used for His glory.  I want to be known as a church that is active and loving.  Active because the people love the community, and loving because they have the right perspective about what God has done for us and what He has given us. The result will be a dynamic church impacting the community.


In Christ – Pastor Johnny






Pastor Johnny



Pastor Johnny