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Wednesday, December 13, 2017
Staying Connected
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November 12 – November 18 


Scripture Passage:  “Children’s children are the crown of old men; and the glory of children are their fathers.”   Proverbs 17:6


Dear Friends,


     I am writing this article on the birthday of my youngest grandson.  JP is one year old today.  It is amazing how quickly the past year has flown by.  He went from being a baby to a little man overnight.  He is on the verge of walking and is saying select words identifying important people and things in his life.  He is on the go and has already exhibited the fact that he has a mind of his own.  (Wonder where he gets that from?)  He seems to be especially interested in guitars and mechanical things with moving parts.  If he watches you do something, he remembers it and automatically imitates your actions. I watch the eyes of his daddy as they beam with pride and remind me of myself twenty-nine years ago.  Now I am doubly blessed by getting to spend time with and enjoy both of them.  Time has mellowed my demeanor and small things have become extremely important to me.  The next best thing to being called Dad is being called Paw by the grandchildren. 

     I am going to have the opportunity to spend the weekend with Kenner and Cadence starting tonight.  We are going camping and the entire family is excited about the time we are going to spend together.  JP’s birthday party is Saturday so most of our family will be traveling in to attend.  When I see Kenner, my mind goes back to a picture of his mother holding him in one hand after he was born.  That is easy to do when you only weigh 2.5 pounds.  Now he is a strong, stout little boy who loves sports like his daddy and fighting imaginary “bad-guys.”  He changes every time I see him.  He worries about his hair and is concerned with his appearance.  His tennis shoes, shorts, and T-shirts have to say the right things and he does not lack any self-confidence.  The greatest change has been his spiritual growth.  He accepted Christ last year and was baptized in a creek near his home one cold day in the spring.  Of all the things he is involved in, church is the most important.  I pray that never changes and he grows up to become all God created him to be.  

    I would say I saved the best to last, but that might get me in trouble.  Cadence is my only granddaughter and is a clone of her momma when she grew up.  She is a seven year old with motherly instincts and the stubborn personality of her paw.  She is younger than Kenner, but has a way of taking charge when things need to get done.  She already washes dishes and folds clothes as she helps her mom with household chores.  I remember her asking Kenner several years ago, “Do I have to do everything myself?”  She also has the looks of her momma and is going to be one of those natural “knock out blonds” when she gets older.  Poor old Daniel has his work cut out for him when she becomes a teenager because the hand writing is already on the wall.  The funny thing is she comes closer to being the one to help me outside or with farming chores than any other of my family members.  She wanted so badly to see her cow give birth to a calf the other day, but her parents felt like she was a little too young for that experience yet.  She wears jeans and cowboy boots on Saturday and a frilly dress on Sunday and looks perfectly at home in either one.  She is witty and will be a good momma someday because her maternal instincts are already evident.  Cadence has yet to be saved, but that will come with time.  She thinks deeply and cannot be made or coerced to do anything she does not want to do.  When she does, she will become a great servant of God.  I believe that about all my grandchildren and trust God to develop each one to their full potential for Him.   

     Finally, I remember praying when each one was born that God would bless them with a long, healthy life and that they would grow up to become all He created them to be.  I have found my prayers can never stop and the intensity only increases as each one matures.  My prayer is also that when they grow old, they will remember their paw with fond memories and speak about me with respect and admiration.  That would rank as one of my greatest accomplishments. 


In Christ,


Pastor Johnny


Pastor Johnny



Pastor Johnny