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Wednesday, February 21, 2018
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January 14 – January 20 


Scripture Passage: “For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in diver’s places.”  Matthew 24:7 

Dear Friends,  

     It is funny how things will come to your mind that you haven’t thought about in years.  For many years, this month was filled with a lot of inactivity for my children and me because of school being canceled due to snow and inclement weather.  As a school teacher, it was always a special treat to wake up and find out you did not have to work that day.  As a dad, it meant I was the baby-sitter for the day, and my children and I shared a lot of good times together. We would build a fire in the fireplace, pack down the snow for sledding, and plan to eat at KC’s for lunch.  I would clear my neighbor’s driveways with the John Deere, and late evenings always meant playing games around the kitchen table with friends and family.  Patty would normally fix soup for supper and all the neighborhood children settled in at our house until bedtime.  Those are some special memories I have of my children’s adolescence.   

    Another memory I have from this time is an event that happened twenty-four years ago on January 17, 1994.  We had woke up that morning to find school had been cancelled due to a snow storm during the night.  I took Patty to work and came back home to care of the children.  I turned the television on to find an earthquake had occurred in California killing dozens and wounding thousands. The picture that was being broadcast was of an interstate ramp that collapsed on top of another, trapping and crushing several cars between the two.  There was also the picture of a motorcycle policeman who had plummeted to his death because he did not know the interstate road had collapsed in front of him.  All told, it was one of the worst natural disasters on record for the state of California.  More than 60 were killed and 9,000 injured.  Authorities say it is difficult to pinpoint exact numbers because many more died from natural causes brought on by the stress of the event.  It became known as the Northridge earthquake with Reseda being its center and continues to be etched into the memory of the residents of the San Fernando Valley.   

     Since that time we have had more earthquakes, major hurricanes, tornadoes and just recently major snow storms sweep through our nation.  Tennessee is colder than Alaska and Savanna, Georgia had more snow than the Smoky Mountains.  Animals now have more rights than unborn babies and perversion has become the new norm.  Marriage until “death do us part,” is an anomaly and politics is more cynical and corrupt than it has ever been.  Churches look more like social clubs and schools look more like prisons.  Occupations that once were respected and viewed as leaders in the community are now targets for death threats and public harassment.  Athletes and entertainers are viewed as heroes and public servants who have dedicated their lives to our service are now classified as dirt bags.  Our nation revels in female dominancy and male castigation.  When has sexual harassment or molestation ever been right?  It is only now that this topic has hit the public spotlight (It is about time) but recently has taken on the aura of the witch hunts in Puritan New England of yesteryear.  We like to condone one thing while condemning another, but we cannot agree on the standard to live by.  The Bible and the Ten Commandments are seen as too restrictive and tolerance is the standard for the day.  The problem I have is the people who preach tolerance are only tolerate if you agree with them and are only tolerate as long as being so advances their own agenda.  It’s a mixed up world and I am not sure I fit in anywhere.  History teaches us there is nothing new under the sun.  If it is happening now, it has already happened at some point in the past.  The Lord Jesus told us in the Scripture today that these things would happen and they would be a sign of end times.  But he also told us to look up, and lift up our heads, for our redemption draweth nigh.  Even so, come quickly Lord Jesus.


In Christ,


Pastor Johnny


Pastor Johnny



Pastor Johnny