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Friday, March 23, 2018
Staying Connected
 Archived Pastor's Desk 2018.02.18


February 18 – February 24


Scripture Passage:  “It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honor of kings is to search out a matter.”   Proverbs 25:2


Dear Friends,


     God never asks my advice.  I try to offer it where family and church matters are concerned, but it seems He knows better than I.  He does not run world affairs by national leaders nor church affairs by the board of deacons and elders. I guarantee He does some things that many of them do not agree with.  He does not call Patty and I in to discuss family affairs and to explain why certain things are happening the way they are.  It appears we are to take whatever he sends and trust Him to work it all out for our good and his glory.  Often times His ways are a complete mystery to me.  Why does He allow certain things to happen that are so painful and withhold needed blessings that would make everything good? Does He receive some kind of pleasure in watching us suffer?  These are not the kind of questions you hear from the lips of a dedicated Christian walking the mountaintops of God.  But they are the questions uttered by burdened Christians whose faith has been shattered and severely tested by trials of life.  They are also questions asked by every atheist who denies the existence of God.  In our world of instantaneous gratification, we often forget that every enduring treasure is forged in the fire of suffering.  The birth of a child results from intense labor pains.  The formation of a pearl requires the irritation of a single grain of sand.  Precious metals and beautiful jewels are the result of long periods of intense pressure from every direction.  So a good marriage, a good job, and a good life is going to take a lot of hard work, patience and endurance.  The Master Craftsman that oversees all of this is God.  He can see it all, where you and I have limited vision.  When it all comes to fruition, it is always amazing, God receives glory, and we are the better for it. 


     Since you and I are not God, it would benefit us to “search out the matter.” This search for me always begins with a conversation with God.  He does not always reveal to me the answer I am searching for.  I have found most of the time it is a process that requires time with Him.  Secondly, I search the Scripture to see what it says concerning my issue.  I find the wisdom of prophets, priests, and kings invaluable because they are a lot smarter than I am.  The ultimate authority for me is Jesus.  If I find my answer in His words or example, the matter is concluded.  Finally, I put a lot of faith in godly friends and family members.  I am very selective even with those because I do not want their opinion to influence me more than the Holy Spirit.  I have often told the Lord it would simplify everything if He would just send me a letter in the mail or a text message on my phone.    He reminds me all His letters are included in “The Book” and His Prayer line is always open for my call.  I tell Him it would be easier if He would send me a warning and tell me a little more about what is going on.  He tells me I couldn’t handle it.  He is right.  I have got to learn to trust Him more.  I think we call that FAITH.   



In Christ,

Pastor Johnny







Pastor Johnny



Pastor Johnny