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Saturday, May 26, 2018
Staying Connected
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April 15 – April 21




Scripture Passage: “It is of the Lord’s mercies that we are not consumed, because his compassions fail not. They are new every morning: great is they faithfulness.”  Lamentations 3:22-23


Dear Friends,


     Never underestimate the power of an afternoon outside in the sunshine.  I had the best day I have had in months.  I started at the office studying for a future message.  I did all my reading before lunch, and when I came back after lunch the words flowed on paper like water in a brook.  (It does not happen that way very often.)  Around two o’clock, I decided to go home and enjoy the afternoon.  I put my bib-overalls and ball cap on and headed for the garage.  I sharpened up the pruning shears, loaded up the golf-cart and proceeded to the front yard to tackle the rose bushes.  I love roses and we have them all around the house.  I had not trimmed them back for a couple of years and they had just about taken over.  The Lord and I talked and really enjoyed being together.  I normally would have used my hedge trimmer, but yesterday I did it the old fashion way and just used the pruning shears cutting one stem at a time.  Before Patty got home from work, I had all the roses trimmed and the brush hauled to the garden to be burned.  When she got there I was already mowing the lawn.  That leads me to another part of the story. 


      Some of you remember last year I dug up my acre yard and reseeded it.  I sprayed to kill all the weeds, fertilized, reseeded and then put straw on the entire yard to give it the best chance to be a success.  It was beautiful, for a while, but as the season drew on Bermuda grass seemed to be the dominant grass in the backyard.  I did not sow Bermuda grass and even sprayed to kill it out, but that was what I ended up with.  It ended up looking like a green carpet, so I was satisfied at the time.  The problem with Bermuda grass is when it dies out it leaves brown spots wherever it is dominant.  As spring rolled around and my grass began to sprout back out, I had about the ugliest yard you have ever seen.  (I do not know why I care, but I do.) Every time I looked at it, it just made me sick knowing all the work and money I had put in to it.  I have dug dandelions for days, and am preparing to spray again for the weeds that are sprouting up.  I was encouraged yesterday as I mowed.  The front yard and both sides of the house are beginning to fill in the bare places with new grass and it is looking more like the picture I had envisioned in my head.  The backyard is another story entirely.  I may just concrete it and paint it green – but I bet I would still have dandelions growing in it.  As I worked the Lord reminded me of the story of the sower and the seed.  All the sower was responsible for was to prepare the ground and then sow the seed.  Some seed would sprout and grow while other seed would be choked out by the weeds or fall on hard ground and not be able to survive.  Those weeds are a result of man’s sin and part of the curse God placed upon him.  I was also reminded to look at the beauty around me and not just concentrate on the weeds.  The beauty is there also and what I see is what I choose to focus on.


      This winter has been extremely hard on me because of the numerous illnesses and deaths it has produced. It has not helped that it has been extremely rainy.  I like snow and sunshine, but clouds and rain seem to be hard on my psyche.   I know it takes all kinds of weather to make things grow, including rain, but after a while I take on the mental atmosphere of the weather.  Yesterday was a breath of fresh air, a shot in the arm, and a dose of good medicine.  I am very conscious of my work schedule and never want anyone to feel I am abusing the church by taking too much time off, but I do appreciate the flexibility in my schedule and the consideration the church has toward my health.  Patty and I were talking last night and came to the conclusion that the whole church benefits when I am rested and on “top of my game.”   Thank you for all you do for me and my family.  My prayer for you is that His mercies will be new today and His compassions fail not. I know my prayer will be answered because in Christ, the Son is always shining.


In Christ,


Pastor Johnny




Pastor Johnny



Pastor Johnny